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The new password must satisfy:

  • minimum of 8 characters
  • with BIG and small letters (A-Z a-z)
  • with numbers (0-9)
  • without special character like æøå

Furthermore there is a lot of control to avoid passwords,to easy to break. Unfortunately it is not possible to list all of them on htis site. Things you should avoid is your name, your login, your birthday, same letters of numbers in a row, normal words you can look up in a dictionary ect.

A tip could be to find a obscure word/sentence or use a name on a person from your favorite history. Then play with the letters (Uppercase/Lowercase/Different way of spelling) and add one or more numbers - fx instead of letters.

An example could be: "Could i just be an appletree", written as CojubAPl3" - but please dont use exactly this one.

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There is no difference on uppercase and lowercase letters in the sequrity code.
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